A beginner’s guide to helpful village traders

As a beginner who’s already had their fair share of exploration done around Minecraft, villagers that offer trading of loots for various goods may no longer be an unusual sight.

In fact, you may have already traded a few loots or materials for other materials you need to craft various items. And you’ll notice that some of these traders don’t really offer much.

In today’s blog, we’ll teach you how to better leverage these traders and capitalize even as a beginner and if you don’t have much yet because your survival in the long run is very dependent on how much materials you can amass in the fastest amount of time as well as build progress.

Trade Paper for Emeralds

Most novice-level cartographer villagers in Minecraft will gladly trade 24 pieces of paper for 1 Emerald and that’s a good trade because paper can be easily crafted, requiring only a few pieces of sugar cane – a type of plant that is abundant in the game and can be found almost anywhere near a body of water.

Because of that, this is a trade routine that EVERY beginner can utilize.

Trade Emeralds for Bottle O’ Enchanting

Once you’ve amassed a decent amount of Emeralds from cartographers, it’s time to take these Emerald to cleric villagers because they will trade it for Bottle O’ Echanting.

These bottles when broken, provide players a huge sum of experience orbs and these orbs can be used to enchant your gears, making them a perfect boosting method in case you still haven’t created experience farms.

With better gears at an early phase, you will be able to farm for better loot and materials sooner as well, making this trade a crucial one for your extra Emeralds.

Cleric villagers will trade you 1 Bottle O’ Enchanting for 3 Emeralds which still makes this a really decent trade in your favor.

Trade boats for Emeralds

Another decent, and easy way to get more Emeralds would be by crafting boats!

In Java Minecraft edition, boats are crafted using wooden planks while you’ll need wooden shovels aside from planks in the Bedrock Edition but regardless of which you’re playing at, it’s undeniable that wooden planks are another resource that players can easily stack and stash, allowing the players to craft decent amounts of boats to trade.

Trading 1 boat to a master-level fisherman gives you 1 Emerald which judging from the amount of effort required for this trade, is a definite win for the player.

Trade Strings for Emeralds

String is another relatively easy to acquire and abundant material in Minecraft. There’s just so many ways to acquire it – By killing spider mobs, it gets dropped as a loot. You can also obtain these as fishing rewards and by crafting it using cobweb blocks making it a very accessible item even in early stages of the game.

By trading these to journeyman-level fletchers, you can get 1 Emerald for 14 pieces of strings, making this one of the best ways to farm Emeralds in the game especially if you’ve just began and yet to craft anything decent.

Trade Stone Blocks for Emeralds

You’ve read that right. And if there’s one thing the world of Minecraft will never run out of, it would be rocks. There’s rocks and stones everywhere. Even in the real world, rocks and stones are abundant.

Simply walking and traveling in the world of Minecraft is enough to get you a handful of stone blocks and even if you did encounter cobblestone blocks, these can be smelted back to stone blocks.

There’s no reason for every player to run out of these stone blocks. So what you’ll do is head to the nearest apprentice-level mason villager and trade 20 pieces of stone blocks for 1 Emerald, making this trading process the easiest and economical way to earn and rack up Emeralds

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