Assassini Costruttori Resource Pack

Seeing textures and resource packs that are inspired by other famous games and franchise are not unusual in Minecraft nowadays because the game’s flexibility and modding community is one of its best features and strengths, resulting in a myriad of mods and packs like the Assassini Costruttori.

If you’re a fan of the Assassin’s Creed series of games, you’d better get this pack.

This resource pack changes the buildings, sceneries and most blocks with Italian renaissance era-themed design to emulate the game’s setting, which also allows you to build monuments that’s true to the design. The texture of clouds, sun, moon and waters gets updated as well to match the feel.

Even small nuances like grape vines, wineries are featured here as well! See for yourself what other textures get updated when you use this mod for the excitement. Goes perfectly well if you’re fond of using Assassin’s Creed skins as well!


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