AstraLex Shaders

The AstraLex Shaders aims to improve the overall experience for both developers and casual players by providing a rich set of content such as better graphic interface, drastically improved illumination, mesmerizing daytime and nighttime visuals, and other significant changes to the overall look and feel.

Immersive moonglow and sunshine lightings are one of the first things you’ll immediately notice along with other vibrant lighting such as the God Ray appearing depending on the weather trends or a particular time of the day.

You can also tweak your Optifine settings to improve other visual features with this shader pack.

While this shader pack is primarily aimed for content creators and developers due to the movie-quality graphic elements and feel it brings, the casual players without a doubt, can still definitely enjoy using this pack.

The HDR, blur and field of depth improvements are simply a sight for sore eyes.

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