With the MCLeaks Authenticator you can enable support for MCLeaks accounts.
Just download, unpack the ZIP-archive and run the "MCLeaksAuthenticator" file.

MCLeaks Authenticator

MCLeaks Authenticator v1.6

Updated: 12.11.2017

Download for Windows Download for macos Download for linux
Authenticator - Install instructions

Here you find the steps to install and use the Authenticator:

  1. Make sure you have installed Java 8 or download it here.
  2. Download the Authenticator for your OS and unpack the downloaded ZIP-File
  3. Run following file:
    - Windows users: MCLeaksAuthenticator.exe
    - MacOS users: Authenticator.app
    - Linux users: MCLeaksAuthenticator and choose "Run in terminal"
  4. Select the button "MCLeaks" to use MCLeaks alts.
  5. To redeem and use an MCLeaks alt just insert the ALT-Token into the Username textfield and some random letters into the Password textfield of your launcher and press login.
  6. The launcher will automatically log you in with the MCLeaks alt. Have fun :)
  7. To use your own account again select the "Mojang" button.
YouTube-Tutorial for Windows users
MCLeaks Authenticator Software description

The MCLeaks-Authenticator is the main software, which is required to use mcleask alts. It modifys your local hosts file settings, as well as your local Java certificate keystore, in order to connect to the MCLeaks-network. A click on the MCLeaks-Button enables MCLeaks-Mode for your minecraft, a click on the AltDispenser button enables the Alt-Dispenser support mode for https://altdispenser.net/ for your minecraft & a click on the Mojang-Button resets your minecraft settings to default. It requires administrator permissions on your windows.

Icons made by Madebyoliver from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY