Biome of the week – Nether Wastes

The Nether was first added to Minecraft way back in October 2010. And when it first came out, it definitely struck fear to players. A plethora of new and terrifying creatures filled this infernal biome – zombie pigmen, ghasts, glowstones and LOOOOOTS of lava shaped the landscapes. It was then later discovered that the Nether was also home to giant, ancient fortresses filled with wither skeletons and blazes as well, which were extra spicy and hostile.

But during the Nether update in 2020, things quite changed. It is now possible to visit the Nether’s basalt deltas, crimson forests and soul sand valleys, which was then aptly named “Nether Wastes”.

It’s also apparently easier to differentiate Nether biomes apart – The deltas are filled with ash and basalt, the soul sand valleys burn with the signature blue soul fires, warped forests are filled with cyan mushrooms and crimson forests are obviously crimson in theme.

The Nether wastes feature a darker red hue just like the crimson forests but that’s as far as the similarities goes. All are barren places with seas of lava below ground and globules of glowstones on higher grounds.

Ghasts, zombified piglins, magma cubes, and endermen patrol these areas – as well as striders in the lava pools. But it’s still worth visiting for its resources – nether quartz, gold, soul sand, glowstone, ancient debris, and the occasional mushroom.

Setting up homes is not recommended in the Nether Wastes due to it being a highly dangerous place and the overall threat of the biome thanks to the large areas of lava pools, and lack of covers that make players vulnerable to ghasts.

While bastion remnants, nether fortresses and ruined portals exists for shelter, they’re scarce.

If you do find yourself needing to traverse the Nether wastes, then keep your wits about you, a bow at hand to deal with any ghasts, and a plentiful supply of food to keep your health topped up. You’ve been warned.

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