KUDA Shaders

Modding your Minecraft server and game can become quite the extensive (and engorging) task. You’ll be spending hours looking for various textures, shaders and resource packs that will fit your custom gaming experience and preference. One such shader pack that we’ll always recommend would be the KUDA Shaders. Made with extreme attention to detail, this …

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AstraLex Shaders

The AstraLex Shaders aims to improve the overall experience for both developers and casual players by providing a rich set of content such as better graphic interface, drastically improved illumination, mesmerizing daytime and nighttime visuals, and other significant changes to the overall look and feel. Immersive moonglow and sunshine lightings are one of the first …

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ModernHD Texture Pack

If you’re looking for a somewhat ‘updated’ texture pack without altering the overall classic or vanilla Minecraft look too much, then we’ve got the texture pack for you. Introducing the ModernHD pack – Giving the default texture a much-deserved overhaul, all of the building blocks will now look uniform, clean and noticeably more defined as …

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