Dendrology This mod adds 13 species of extinct trees to the game. Of course, you might be wondering something like “Wait, if they’re extinct, how would we know where we’ll find them in the game?”, that’s where things get interesting for this mod. 

You can only find the saplings that grows in to these magnificent trees inside hidden chests scattered throughout various locations in your Minecraft world. Some are hidden deep in caves or mines.


If you enjoy the trees of Minecraft and wish for even more variety, then this mod (Dendrology) is for you. They seemingly can grow anywhere you plant them but because of their rarity, you’ll want to make sure you don’t misplace their location. It’s most beneficial to plant the saplings you have, harvest the fully grown tree and its saplings and continue to populate the world with them. That’s your duty now that these trees have no natural way of spawning otherwise.


You can install the .mcpack and .zip files of the skin pack from the Download Links down below. 
The .mcpack will import the skin pack to Minecraft Bedrock Edition automatically. The .ZIP needs to get extracted in your skin_packs folder.


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