Farmer’s Delight

Farmers Delight mod will relieve your nostalgia of a renowned retro gaming classic hit by expanding the existing farming and cooking mechanics in Minecraft.

This expansion also includes a series of useful tools and cooking implements which allows you to grow new crops, cook new delicious recipes and dishes, as well as a bunch of new decorative, but fully-functional kitchen items like stoves and storage blocks.

One of your first objectives when applying this mod is to craft and get the knife. This tool comes in five different tiers and is used to forage for the new items included in this expansion such as grassy plants, or on animals to obtain additional, guaranteed drops like leather and feathers.

The knife is also one of the primary tools used in the expanded cooking feature and to portion these new delicious dishes that you’ll create.

The new material straw comes from grass or wheat and can be used to make rope, which can be then be used to craft leads for animals or simply used to descend or ascend safely from a single spot. And you can also create safety nets that will absorb your falls without dealing any damage!

Another useful feature of this Farmers Delight mod is composting – composting helps you make rich soil which you can use when you plant your crops instead of regular soil, to boost their growth and yield, without the need for bonemeal.

To make rich soil, simply place blocks of compost near water sources with sunlight and wait for rich soil to generate over time. Till these in to rich farmland to prepare for your planting!

This mod also makes all crops grow in the wild like cabbage, onions, and tomatoes – this will allow you to start a farm by foraging but you can also find these wild crops in village houses and shipwrecks as well.

They won’t be great for eating when you find them in the wild but that’s why they make for great starters since you can cultivate their seeds to plant in your new rich farmland.

The kitchen is where this mod shines and gives you some extra creativity in becoming a real Minecraft chef. And it all starts with the cooking pot. It functions much like a crafting table by giving you a crafting grid when you right click it. You’ll need a heat source under it and this mod also adds a stove to keep your kitchen aesthetic pleasing to the eye. Click the cooking pot to bring up the grid where you can add up to six ingredients per recipe. This is where you can make a variety of stews or pasta dishes or rice dishes from your newly harvested crops. You’ll need a bowl in most cases as well and there’s a slot in the cooking grid to add one. Each cooked dish will also give a buff of comfort or nourishment on top of restoring your hunger meter.

You can even make dishes for your dogs and horses and they’ll be given additional buffs like speed and strength

The cutting board will also allow you to slice off portions of your food to be added to your stews or to make sandwiches and burgers. Simply place your meat or vegetable on the cutting board and grab your knife you crafted earlier to start chopping. You’ll be given a couple of pieces and if it’s chicken or fish you’ll also receive some bonemeal.

On Farmers Delight you can take these slices and combine them with bread and veggies to make chicken sandwiches or hamburgers or even mutton wraps. These can all be assembled in standard crafting grids.

And this mod also adds pantry storage along with the ability to stack your veggies into crates. Simply place nine of them in a grid and you’ll get stylish crates to decorate your kitchens with. And the pantries can hold 27 items and come in a variety of wood styles to fit any aesthetic.

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