Friday Night Foundation Skin Pack

This skin pack features many iconic creatures and anomalies from the SCP lore as well as the Friday Night Foundation.

This skin pack contains 16 skins. Agent Zanders/UIU Agent: An agent of the FBI’s UIU, AKA the Unit you are sent to when someone doesn’t really like you and wants you out of their hair. Agent Ulgrin/Guard: Agent Ulgrin is a guard for the SCP Foundation. He works for basic areas and gets a D-Class before a mass containment breach of Site-19. SCP-173/The Sculpture. SCP-173 is a big stone statue that moves at high speeds when not being observed. If it gets to you, it snaps your neck. Agent Sammy/GOC Agent. HE works for the UNGOC who wants to destroy every anomaly in the world. Valerie/D-8008. Valerie isn’t your average D-Class. She is actually a Chaos spy who is trying to get SCP’s and to catch them and use them against the foundation. These are only some of the skins in the mod. Have fun with these skins. Here are images of some of the skins.


The file is a .mcpack file
For those who are the first time installing a skin pack, all you have to do is:

1.-Go to the download button
2.-Pass the shorteners
4.-Click on the file and open it with Minecraft

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