List of tamable mobs in version 1.19 update part 2

Continuing from where we last left off (in case you still haven’t seen the first part, you may check it out here) we’ll introduce the remaining 5 other tamable mobs in Minecraft 1.19!

Be sure to read until the end so that you’ll know what to expect and prepare those items needed to tame your mob of choice in advance before heading out to meet them in the wild!

Skeleton Horses

One of the most unique (and also quite rare) tamable mob around and can only be encountered on special occasions or under specific circumstances because they do not and cannot breed nor spawn naturally, unlike their living counterparts.

Every time there’s a storm brewing and thunderstorms happen, there’s a very small chance of a lightning strike to spawn Skeleton Horse Traps. The odds of these special items spawning are as follows and differ depending on which difficulty level you’re playing:

Easy: 0.75% – 1.5%
Normal: 1.5%
Hard: 2.25% – 6.75%

If you move within 10 blocks of these special horse traps, lightning will strike once more and 4 Skeleton Horsemen will spawn. You must try to kill the Skeleton riding on these Skeleton Horsemen while keeping the Skeleton Horses alive in order to tame them. If done successfully, the Skeleton Horse will become passive and tamed, leaving you free to claim this unique steed.

While the requirements may prove to be somewhat a daunting task as you’ll most likely slaughter the Skeleton Horse on your first attempts along with the Skeletons riding them but successfully taming this mob will reward your efforts accordingly.

Skeleton Horses has a very high health stat (15 HP/7.5 Hearts), and their speed is always 0.2


A classic tamable mob! Wolves were first introduced in the game way back in March 2011 when beta 1.4 was released.

They can be found in forest, taigas, groves snowy taigas and other variants of these biomes, usually coming in packs of 4 of which there’s a 10% chance that one of these four spawns as Wolf Pups.

You will need to bring bones in order to tame them. Each bone has a 33% success rate to tame the Wolf and once successful, you can place a collar on them, which can also be dyed.

Wolves have fairly high health stats (20 HP/10 Hearts) and you can breed them using any meat item.


Axolotls are adorable mobs and taming them is fairly simple – you just need a bucket of tropical fish and a water bucket. The tropical fish will help lure them towards you so that you can catch them with your bucket. When successful, the Axolotls will now happily swim with you around the next time you go in to any body of water.

However, these are somewhat rare as well as they can only be found in pools inside of Lush Caves and they also come in many different colors.

Axolotls are handy companions when exploring bodies of water as they will also attack hostile aquatic mobs like Drowned, Guardians and can also attack other fish!

To breed Axolotls, will also need buckets of tropical fish. Feed them to an adult Axolotl and a baby will spawn.


Another adorable mob that are also quite rare and can be found in jungle biomes and spawns on top of grass blocks, appearing alone or by pairs, with a slight chance that one of them spawns as an Ocelot Kitten.

Just like their domesticated feline cousins, Ocelots are shy creatures and will sprint away from you when you approach them so you need to stay still when you spot one, and hold out raw salmon or raw cod to get their attention. When they approach you, keep feeding them raw fish until they’re tamed so remember to bring lots of extra raw cod or raw salmon.

You can also breed two adult Ocelots by feeding them the same fish. Ocelots also ward off any Creepers around in a 6-block radius, and Phantoms in a 16-block radius.


Foxes are cute canines that are found in groves, snowy taigas and taiga biomes. They usually come in packs of 2-4 with a small chance that one of them would be a pup.

Foxes that spawn in snowy biomes are white.

Taming Foxes are somewhat more tedious and requires a different approach compared to the other mobs we’ve discussed so far for a number of reasons; just like Cats and Ocelots, Foxes are shy and will run away from you. So what you’ll need to do is sneak up on a sleeping Fox and entrap them so that they can’t run away by building walls around them. They are nocturnal creatures so you can easily do this during the day.

You must also make sure that the walls are at least 2 blocks high because Foxes can jump high.

Trap two adult Foxes inside walls and leave a third middle cell empty which we’ll need later on.

Once you have successfully trapped two adult foxes like in the picture above, feed them sweet berries or glow berries until they breed. Wait for a baby Fox to spawn. The two adult Foxes will still be afraid of you even after breeding but that’s okay once you’ve successfully bred them. Accelerate the baby Fox’s growth by feeding it berries and once it grows to an adult as well, this new fox will no longer be afraid of you and will not run away as you’ve gained its trust.

However! This new adult Fox will still not follow you home unlike other mobs so you need to put a lead on it so that you can take it home.

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