Luck of the Straw

Luck of the Straw, Are you feeling lucky today?

Luck of the Straw mod gives your Minecraft world a whacky spin, both with beneficial or consequential effects – Every single item possible available in creative mode are now placed within every grass that you can find once you apply this mod. You’ll have an equal chance of obtaining seeds, precious items like diamonds, and even dangerous ones such as spawn eggs by doing so.

All you need to do is break grass blocks and random items will start popping up. This may also include items from other mod packs installed or used in conjunction with this mod so depending on what other mods you have installed along with this; the effects can become Russian Roulette-ish and might cause serious implications! Again, are you feeling lucky today?

The cantrip nature of this mod makes it for a fun addition to any survival server you’re running or simply when you feel like causing unexpected chaos in any other multiplayer-type servers. Just make sure to keep backups prior to installation and usage of this mod so that you could fix the Minecraft world anytime as needed.


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