Lucky Ores

Lucky Ores, On this mod gives your spelunking and mining explorations an extra twist. When applied, the mod generates two additional types of ores that can cause a bunch of random events to happen or items to spawn when you break them. 

However, be careful as both bad or good things can happen when you smash the Mysterious Glowing Ores and nobody knows what will happen next.

Even the simplest and most ridiculous things can happen such as spawning random fishes or trees as shown below:

They can also give you random buffs which can be both good or bad as well, depending on how you see and use them. Worse, they can also completely empty your hunger bar!

Then there’s the Eerie Glowing Ore, the 2nd type of ore included in this mod – While there’s a chance that you can get really lucky with them, spawning various valuably lucky items, they can also rob you of all the items you’ve farmed completely if you’re having terrible luck.

They can also spawn traps and exploding objects.

However, the fun part is, these Mysterious Lucky Ores can be smelted to obtain glowing shards, which you can also craft in to new Glowing Tools

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