Mountain Terrain Format

Mountains are part of a series of sub-biomes that generate terrains with mountainous and steep features and low erosion.

These locations generate Pillager Outposts and if a meadow is present, it can also generate Villages.

Calmer hillsThis quaint side of the map rewards you with a serene scenery and exploration which also functions as a custom-mapped survival area. Explore this area with a cup of tea!
Valley – Similar to a Meadow, the Valley also acts as the map’s lowest staging point where players may begin their exploration and journey of our custom map. An uphill stroll awaits towards the rolling mountains.

Freedom of Exploration and Customization

This custom map allows for endless possibilities of customization and exploration! Surprises await as hours of fun pass, thanks to the versatility of the design as well as a great mining site for ores! Survival world scenarios greatly works well with this as well!


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