Mutant Creatures Add-on (1.19+)

Mutant Creatures mod lets you fiddle with 21 ‘mutants’ along with some easter eggs in Minecraft Bedrock to spice the game’s difficulty and an extra twist! These mutants are much stronger than before and they’re immune to fall damage or any knockbacks!

Mutant Zombie & Husk

Pumped up versions of the usual zombies that get stronger every time they’re knocked down. They also spawn more husks which lasts for a few seconds.

Mutant Bouldering & Lobber Zombie

Overhauled and revamped mobs from a discontinued Minecraft update. No special abilities but they have ranged attacks and can scale walls.

Mutant Creeper

A stronger version of the usual creeper which has grater explosion and aoe, spawns minions, and are now immune to explosions as well.

Mutant Skeleton & Stray

These mutant versions have attacks that pierce other mobs using their special arrows, making it more difficult to maneuver and dodge them. They also explode when knocked down.

Mutant Wither Skeleton

Another mutant skeleton that gets more dangerous each time it gets knocked down. The dual swords make them even more frightening as well!

Mutant Piglin & Piglin Brute

Unless the player is wearing all gold equipment, these mutants will attack relentlessly and in an instant. Giving them Gold will reward you with a pleasant surprise!

Mutant Zombie Piglin & Pigman

A neutral mob that can walk on lava platforms and spawn minions and is immune to flint and steel. Attacks from these mutants deal devastating damage.

Mutant Snow Golem

This mutant version of the snow golem leaves ice trails when they walk and can turn any water in to ice. Can be tamed and mounted.

Mutant Iron Golem

A special mob that does not spawn and can only be acquired as a gift. 2 players can ride this special mob and can also help you take down hordes of mobs! Requires to be repaired over time.

Mutant Axolotl

This mutant amphibian can be primarily encountered in caves and can breathe underwater. Beware of its powerful tail attack!

Mutant Endolotl

A mutant ender creature that can only be found and spawns in The End. Neutral and likes Chorus Fruits.

Mutant Ocelot

A very fast mutant with different variants depending on the area and is rarely seen due to their extreme speeds.

Mutant Wolf

This Mutant Creatures version of the wolf is much bigger, stronger and more aggressive, attacking anything on sight. However, it can also be tamed and used as a mount.

Mutant Skeleton Wolf

An Mutant Creatures overhauled idea from the discontinued Minecraft earth mob in 2021. Found in the nether, taming this mob is a very difficult task and is rarely achieved.

Mutant Spider Pig

These aberrations will use web attacks to hold targets in place, preventing escape once hit. They also attack creeper minions as well.

Mutant Drowned

An annoying mutant that can attack with its trident, dealing devastating damage and moves quicker when underwater. They can also spawn minions.

Mutant Enderman

A very powerful mutant mob found in The End that can confuse players and attack at a distance by throwing nether blocks. It can also pretend as a normal Enderman to punish unsuspecting players.

New items

Chemical X – This potion is the reason of the mutations! Has a 50% of turning regular mobs in to their mutant counterparts when used and can be crafted.

Hulk Hammer – This hammer can be used to damage nearby mobs but its durability will be reduced every time it is used, which can be repaired by attacking mobs with melee damage. It can be dropped by Mutant Zombies.

Creeper Egg – This egg can be found from mutant creeper explosions, can be picked up and breaking this has a chance of dropping creeper shards. It can also be hatched.

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