Neon Genesis Evangelion Skin Pack

A skin pack containing the Evangelion series’ pilots and EVAs which also includes ones from the Rebuild sequel as well.

  • Skin Pack Contains:
  • Asuka in her school uniform.
  • Asuka in her outfit from 3.33.
  • Asuka wearing her Unit 02 plugsuit.
  • Asuka wearing the D-Type test plugsuit from 2.22.
  • Mari wearing the Unit 08 plugsuit.
  • Misato in her normal outfit.
  • Kaworu in the Unit 06 plugsuit.
  • Kaworu wearing what he wore in NGE.
  • Rei in her school uniform.
  • Rei in the Unit 00 plugsuit.
  • Ayanami Advanced wearing the Unit 09 Plugsuit.
  • Ayanami Advanced as a farmer.
  • Evangelion Units 00-13.
  • Also includes Unit 01 berserked, Unit 09 Wunder forme, and Unit 13 advanced, and Mark 4444C.

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