Pandoras Creatures

Pandoras Creatures mod adds a lot of new mobs to your Minecraft world and a few, new interesting items as well that can be dropped by these new mobs or crafted from the materials that they drop.

New underwater creatures such as seahorses and crabs also make an appearance which come in many different variants, adding more diversity to aquatic biomes complete with detailed animations! With over 55 new variants swimming and scuttling around, your oceanic experience is guaranteed to receive a new exploration experience!

These new aquatic creatures can be caught as well so that you can also take them home to keep in aquariums. Simply get a bucket and scoop them in, and place them back in any body of water or aquarium that you have built.

The mod also features a new buffalo mob that can be tamed using the new herb bundle that comes in this mod pack which can be crafted by combining three herbs. Once you’ve tamed the buffalo, you can also ride this mob around like horses.

Buffalos will also feature an extra saddle or storage functionality so you and your friend right the buffalo together as you travel and explore or for more storage capability as you collect and hunt for materials, making them a flexible and convenient addition especially if you’re playing in multiplayer servers.

Another new mob called the Arachnon is included – These are strong, spider-like creatures which can be found in mountain and plains biomes and spawn at night. Exercise extreme caution when approaching or seeing one as they very dangerous and lethal. However, if you do manage to defeat one, you will be able to gain materials necessary for crafting one of the new tools included in this mod pack – The Arachnon Hammer!

This hammer lets you break 3×3 blocks when swung making it a useful mining and exploration item, letting you clear out larger areas at faster times.

Nether biomes also get an update; The new Hellhound and Acidic Archvine are new threats that you’ll encounter in The Nether on your explorations and you must be careful with them. Hellhounds are skeletal creatures that are immune to fire, fight in packs and there is a chance that a Wither Hellhound will spawn among them.

on Pandoras Creatures the Wither Hellhond is a much more powerful and larger Hellhound which is even harder to kill than the regular Hellhounds.

Acidic Archvines are dubious hanging plants found all over the Nether which will grab anyone walking beneath its tongue and ultimately try to digest them. They can also spawn in jungles as well so neither area is safe from their sticky grasp. However, you can counter these things by wearing a plant hat to avoid getting scooped up!

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