Rock Candy Mod

Rock Candy Mod, Have you ever had the constant problem of running out of food items during lengthy underground or mining expeditions? You might want to consider adding this mod to your Minecraft gaming experience.

This mod adds a new type of ore to the game. It is edible which helps you sustain hunger levels and starve off starvation especially when you’ve dug too far to go back to any food source.

You can also consume the ore right away in its raw form or combine it with a stick to make the new item included in this mod called Rock Candy Mod to improve its efficiency.

You can also combine 4 raw rock candies to make a better, more sustainable Hardened Rock Candy.

However, sustainable food sources during deep mining explorations aren’t the only items and functionality this mod brings to the players – There’s also a bunch of new tools added along with them.

Crafting the Hardened Rock candies with other items gives you a Candy Cane Pickaxe – This new tool has a haste buff that makes mining faster.

The new Candy Club can also be crafted which allows you to simultaneously feed you and help you defend yourself from any enemies!

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