Shipwrecks mode gives your Minecraft mod another functional, yet stylish content for oceanic and beach biomes by adding a variety of sunken or beached ships that you can explore and loot!

However, you’ll need to get a Diving Suit first before you can get to exploring since you’ll be going in to deeper levels of water and the suit lets you safely explore and breathe through it. While this might slow you down at first because of its weight, it’s definitely a worthy investment despite being pricey for the exploration.



From there you can explore the watery depths and find sunken treasure. You’ll run across varying ship sizes ranging from tiny rowboats to very large Waverunners!


bigger boat


And as an incentive to hunt for larger ships, the loot also grows the bigger the ship gets.


You may also come across a few Stone Spires on Shipwrecks that contain many ores not typically found under water.


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