Skulk Addon V1 (Armor & Tools Update)

Skulk Addon, This mod gives you access to new items such as Skulk Armor, Skulk Tools, and Skulk Scraps and Ingot. Enjoy an enriched mining and combat experience using these new Skulk Items for your exploration and adventures!


Skulk and Diamond Apple – Consuming this item boosts your stats by giving you 4 extra hearts, a 30s night vision, 30s strength boost, and 30s health boost.

Skulk Scrap – An expensive item which can be collected from Skulk Ores.

Skulk Ingot – This material can be crafted by using Skulk Scrap, Gold Ingot and Diamonds.

Skulk Sword – A very powerful weapon that features 14 damage and 3031 durability.

Skulk Pickaxe – Another powerful mining tool that can mine ores with 2x speed and high durability of 3031 on this Skulk Addon . Also has 6 damage.

Skulk Block – Can be crafted using 9 Skulk Ingots

Skulk Axe – A powerful axe with 3031 durability and 12 damage


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