Sprint Racers

Creators of the Mario Kart Minecraft have come up with a new racing minigame map with an extra twist!

Taking from their original creation, Mario Kart in Minecraft and polishing gameplay experience, this streamlined combat racing map is perfect for quick fun, multiplayer sessions with friends.

Also featuring AI opponents, improved itemization system and revised tracks, as well as various modifiers and settings, this will surely give you lots of game time as you mix and match these in different combinations whether it’s playing solo against Ais or with friends!


You gain speed as you run, you lose speed when you take damage. Use a wide variety of items to gain the upper hand. Primary mode of play is race mode, where players race to the finish on a linear track. Races demand quick thinking due to the challenges, obstacles and combat taking place while racing.


  • 29 Tracks
  • 20 unique items
  • Each item also has an upgraded “enchanted” variant, so that makes 40!
  • Support for any number of players (1 to infinity)
  • AI opponents that act just as players do
  • Map supports up to 9 of these at once!
  • Performance options
  • Easily modifiable “language” folder inside the map’s datapack


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