Villager Recruits

Villager Recruits mod allows you to hire and TRAIN villagers in various combat efficiencies so that you can build your own “private army” in Minecraft. By doing so, they can help you protect your structures and your team of other recruits!

You first need to find an armorer or weaponsmith that is at least level 2 so you can purchase the new profession blocks added with this mod from them.

There are three profession tables that villagers can use to change their professions to. There’s a standard recruits table that has a sword on it, a bowman’s table with a bow on it and a shieldman’s table with a shield on it.

When a villager without a profession approach one of the tables they will automatically change to that specific profession and you can then right click to hire them.

When you hire them, they will have several tasks and options available for you to command or customize. You’ll need to shift + right click to open their inventory screen and you’ll notice that each recruit has armor and weapon slots that you can upgrade at any time. Villager Recruits will start with leather armor but will obviously have much more potential and protection if you give them higher rated armor to wear. And the same goes for the weapons and shields that they can hold. You’ll want stronger and more powerful weapons to better protect you and your village or friends if you play this mod on a multiplayer server. And each recruit also has nine inventory slots so they can automatically pick up
ropped items and store them for you or themselves if they need specific items.

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