WasteLanders Version 2.1.1

WasteLanders Version 2.1.1

WasteLanders, Delve in to a new exploration experience with this mod and survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland!

This custom mod comes with the full experience of new hostile mobs, structures, biomes and food for hours of new gameplay.

Featuring new, custom food (the highlight of this mod), overhauled biomes with 3 entirely new ‘wasteland’ biomes. The entirety of this overhaul gives a true ‘dead’ sky atmosphere with most of the foliage replaced with dirt to match the apocalyptic theme.

The new biomes include the Scorched Lands – a burnt landscape home to the Blood Wings, new blocks known as “Bloodstones” and “Scorched Grass” which players can use.

These new mobs will give players a real challenge surviving this custom mod as they explore the wastelands: The Cockroach, Wasteland Crawlers, and Horn Fly are some of the usual encounters, dropping new loot as well, with the roaches being the primary source of food as they drop meat. No other type of animals spawn in the mod and this was done on purpose for the apocalyptic scenario this mod gives.

The rarer mobs such as Cave Crawler, Tube Worms, Scorpions and Blood Wings can also be encountered throughout the map with the Blood Wings being the most lethal of these mobs as they swarm players.

Finally, we have the Everglades – one of the new custom biomes that feature a swamp-themed environment where flora and fauna are trying to recover amidst the devastation of the wastelands, which will also receive periodic updates.


We would like to thank Swagcaster, MJ105, and Chaos Lord, without these guys WasteLanders would not be as polished and engaging without them.

Swagcaster helped with some of the structures and he has a cool map on here that you should check out

MJ105 is a recent addition to the team and has worked hard to provide bug fixes and polishing to the addon. he has a flashlight addon here that is the basics for the new lighting system for our very own flashlights

Chaos Lord is probably one of the most important developers of WasteLanders as he was the one who laid down the ground work needed to add the radiation system into the addon and without him we probably would not have a radiation system today. he has an thrist addon if you would like to check it out.

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