Witch’s Stew

A fast-paced game with a simple objective: Poison or be poisoned.

A fun minigame map where you stumble upon a soggy bog with a mysterious hut and an old witch inside. The witch Queezie is seeking an apprentice and you happen to be the best candidate!

Prove your skill and worth by cooking 5 suspicious stews within 5 minutes based on a list. When the time is up, you will have 5 other stews prepared for you, and must pick a safe dish for more points.

Avoid picking the rigged or poisoned dish as much possible to survive! The game ends when you get poisoned as Queezie will toss you to her boiling cauldron!


  • Randomized Dialogue
  • Configurable Background Music (discs by C418)
  • Configurable Game Lengths
  • Randomized Game Events
  • An Animated Tutorial


  • 1-2 players
  • No Resource Pack required!
  • Java Edition 1.16.5


  • Play in Adventure Mode
  • Turn off Music in Sound Settings
  • Enable Command Blocks -Enable Flying (for teleport commands)
  • Particles MUST be turned on for full experience


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