RE Black Jack

If you’ve played Resident Evil VII, then surely, you’ve heard or even encountered the minigame “21” where you wager your fingers, arm (and even your life) in the deadly minigame.

If you enjoyed the mechanics of that minigame, then you can play it on Minecraft as well with this custom minigame map!

Detailed rules are also included within the game itself just in case you need a refresher and this custom map can be played in multiplayer mode as well!

Players are picked randomly. Those who are not picked would just be a wither ghost hanging in the game room as a spectator.

Anyway, if someone don’t want join the game, just add a tag named “out”.

(For example, if you enter “/tag @s add out”, you would never be picked by the game and would be a spectator when the game start. If you want to be picked again, just enter “/tag @s remove out”)

Single player
If there is only you in the map, a villager called “Hoffman” would show up and be your opponent after you press the start button.

Or you can just enter “/tag @s add out” and then watch two AI villagers battle with each other 🙂

Coins and rewards
The winner would gain 5 coins each time.

And the loser would lose 2 coins each time.

You can use your coins to purchase the skin for number cards.


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