Glowing 3D Lightsabers

The Star Wars franchise and fandom had always been loved by the Minecraft community and all players so every Star Wars mod is always a welcome addition and always comes out every now and then from the community since Minecraft’s inception.

One of those are the Lightsaber textures – these allows you to use weapons in the look and feel of the iconic galactic weapons from the franchise and with different light colors to choose from!

The first Lightsaber skin textures first came out in 2018 and only continued to be improved since then – With a whopping 400,000 downloads since release, there’s a reason why this texture pack became an easy crowd favorite which also includes the latest Lightsaber designs in the series such as Kylo Ren’s!

Use with your Star Wars-themed skins and explore Minecraft from a galaxy far, far away.

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