Reliquary mod adds a lot of new hard to get items that will definitely enrich your Minecraft experience and tremendously help in your adventures.

Find and collect mysterious materials to craft in to arcane tools. Such example is the Infernal Chalice – This item prevents fire damage in exchange of hunger; as long as you’re holding this item, you will be impervious to fire and getting burned but your hunger will continuously drain at a significantly faster rate.

There’s also a neat item called the Void Tear that can hold an unlimited amount of a single item. This is great for mining and not having to continually go back to a chest for storage of cobblestone. It will automatically collect common items as they are broken.

And then you can use the Tear to place those same items. You can see how many blocks the Tear is holding at the bottom right of your screen when it’s in hand.

Don’t forget to get the Curios API as well so that you can wear and use the items that this Reliquary mod pack adds which can be found here.

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