Tinkers’ Construct

Tinkers Construct is a mod that’s perfect for creating, repairing and even modding tools and weapons in-game. The mod also lets you smelt metals to create a bunch of new, and even more powerful weapons that are previously unavailable for you to add to your arsenal or collection. 

Starting off with a handbook, prioritize this as the rest of the features are figured out through this tool. All of the recipes and guides you’ll need can be found in here.

There are also 4 other books for you to craft which contains more advanced features.



The mod stems from patterns which you create that ultimately craft the different parts for your desired tools and weapons. The tables that you’ll need are the crafter, part builder, stencil table, tool station, and tool forge to get the basics going.


The Stencil Table allows you to turn blank patterns into essentially part blueprints. You then use these to create the basic pieces that will craft your tool or weapon. It’s very simple but can get a little overwhelming with how many combinations you can make. That’s where your books will come in handy so reference them often.


The advanced tools come in when you build a smeltery. This allows you to smelt metal into more powerful parts for your tools. The mod also adds a few new ores to the game that only further advance your tools beyond that of diamond capabilities.



So once you’ve got a smeltery and some metals smelted you can make casts from wooden tool parts. Then use those casts with stronger metals to make stronger parts. It’s like turning Minecraft into an RPG with leveling tools and upgrading their abilities and adding new parts to them.




And once you really get the hang of the Tinkers mod you’ll be able to give your tools special modifiers like auto-repairing. So when your tool starts to deteriorate it’ll actually fix itself over time. Basically you can enchant your tools without needing experience first. It works entirely off of the items you have in your inventory. So instead of going into spells and XP to enhance your tools you can opt for hard work and determination with this mod.


This mod will rely heavily on referencing the in game guides. On Tinkers they will help you immensely in your new trade skills. Get to the point where you can craft yourself a really powerful hammer and blast through your mines in 3×3 chunks. It’s really effective at quick mining with excellent yield and results. There are tons more to do with this mod so have fun discovering new tools!


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